Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (AUTO SHANGHAI), founded in 1985, is China's earliest professional international auto show and the largest auto show in Asia. It is held in every odd-numbered year and has been successfully held 15 sessions. After more than 20 years’ accumulations, Automobile Shanghai has grown into one of the China's most authoritative and most influential international automobile exhibitions; it attracts enormous attentions and active participation by Chinese and foreign automobile industries and media as well as the social communities, reflecting extraordinary significance.




DFSK on Auto Shanghai 2015 with 7 Best-Sellers

As the largest auto banquet in Asia, the 16th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition was opened in Hongqiao National Convention Center on April 20, 2015. Auto Shanghai is the most influential Class-A auto show in China. Customers both at home and abroad gather here. It represents the new vane of automobile development direction in the future. In this year’s Auto Shanghai, DFSK exhibited 7 types of auto models, which are Glory330, Glory360 (two types), C37, C35, C31 and K01. Especially the two types of Glory360s which are equipped with SFD13A diesel engine and SFG15-01 gasoline engine attracted sight of customers, media and consumers both at home and abroad.

Glory Model: Win Trust Via Innovative Technology and Brand New Power

The Glory330 exhibited in the Auto Shanghai has been favored by consumers due to fashionable appearance, rich configuration and super strong practicability since it appeared on the market in June 2014. It has a sales volume of over 100 thousand per year. It has good reputation of Chinese compact MPV leader.

Except Glory330, two types of Glory360s equipped with brand new power were formally shown. As flagship vehicle model of DFSK, Glory360 has been precisely positioned in the market segment of multifunctional home vehicles (7 seats) via three leading technologies of front drive force, four-wheel brake and multiple mute since it appeared at the end of the last year. Being more comfortable and domestic, it becomes the first choice of family vehicle for many consumers.

C Series Model: Win Trust through Super Strong Practicability and Higher Quality

C37, as a multifunctional MPV with large space, the European style with business temperament, sliding doors on both sides, up-lifting type back door, humanized design of all seats capable of foldable disassembly, and flexible space make it have three applications: multiple purposes of home use, commercial use and logistics.

As compartment sealing type of C37, C35’s cargo compartment can reach 5M³. Its large and totally-enclosed compartment can meet double demands of logistic efficiency and cargo safety in urban logistics, thus it gains high recognition of global consumers.

As a broad-body large mini-truck having larger vehicle body, stronger power and high capacity of carrying cargo reached and developed by DFSK on C series platform, C31 can be equipped with DK15 DVVT engine. Strong power and heavy truck type enhanced chassis design better meets customers’ demand of carrying. The exhibition of the Auto Shanghai did not only attract sight of the media and consumer, but also more overseas merchants came to consult and negotiate.

K01 Vehicle Model: Win Trust through Economy and High Sales Volume

As the representative of economic mini-truck, K01’s classical model and decent appearance gain high favor of global consumers. Since 2006, the accumulative export volume is 200 thousand, thus it is called Chinese mini-truck export leader in the industry.

Appearing on the Market for Ten Years: Win Trust via Quality

This May will be the 10th anniversary of DFSK’s first listed automobile. During the 10 years, DFSK utilizes precise market positioning, innovative thinking, standard service, working system and spirit of continuously forging ahead to ascend in Three-A of Chinese mini-vehicle. With the purpose of “caring every vehicle, and loving every person”, it gains trust of customers and consumers both at home and abroad. As the industrial outstanding leader, DFSK has accumulated inventory of 2 million vehicles, with annual sales volume of 300 thousand. In term of a single vehicle model, the accumulative export sales volume of K01 is 200 thousand. The accumulative sales volume both at home and abroad of C series is 100 thousand. The annual sales volume of Glory330 is 100 thousand. The sales volume of Glory360 is 50 thousand for half-a-year appearance on the market. At the back of the series of glorious data, it embodies trust of merchants and consumers both at home and abroad on the Chinese brand-DFSK. DFSK has won public praise of millions of users during the 10 years since the first automobile’s appearance on the market, which is growing power of DFSK. In the transformation and upgrading way in the future, DFSK will go forward more firmly and forcefully, and bring more excellent products and service for consumers, as well as realize win-win and create new glory with merchants and consumers both at home and abroad.