DFSK New SUV Debuted on Shanghai Automobile Exhibition
Brand Dynamic

  On April 16, “The 18th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition”, themed by “Create A Better Life”, was held in National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). DFSK first electric city SUV Glory E3, super city SUV Glory 580 Pro, new intelligent coupe-type SUV Glory ix5 2.0T and SUV for youngers—Glory S560 debuted in Dongfeng Booth, 7.2H Car Maker Area.


  First Electric City SUV Glory E3

  DFSK first electric city SUV Glory E3, with excellent electric performance, intelligent functions and complete super warranty, will be a great choice for urban residents.

  Electric performance: With the advanced power battery, endurance mileage can reach 400km. Fast charge can be finished within 30 minutes. The 180mm ground clearance will provide the better trafficability.

  Intelligent functions: Glory E3 has been installed Lin OS 4.0 intelligent interconnection system with several intelligent functions. Besides, dimension (L*W*H) of Glory E3 is 4385*1850*1647mm, and the wheelbase reaches 2655mm, providing the larger space compared with models at the same level.

  Super warranty: Security devices like battery security, high strength body, 6 air bags and FCW/LDW will provide a safe driving.

  It is said that Glory E3 (standard version and performance-oriented version) will be launched in the third quarter.



  Super City SUV Glory 580 Pro

  Glory 580 Pro debuted on the automobile exhibition, showing DFSK’s leading strength in intelligence and interconnection. It will fully improve DFSK product competitiveness in middle-size SUV market.

  Glory 580 Pro adopts the grand family front design and new matrix LED headlamps, 15.6&12.3 inch super large intelligent screens and Lin OS 4.0 intelligent interconnection system, covering intelligent control, intelligent drive and intelligent life, which will provide an excellent driving experience. Glory 580 Pro has been installed 1.5TGDI+CVT engine, which will provide the strong power.


  DFSK Customization Under New Manufacturing

  DFSK will actively practice automobile new manufacturing and customize the vehicle based on users’ demand. Besides, the order will be automatically generated for real-time tracking of the production state.

  DFSK will stick to the core value “user-centric” to meet user’s demands. The company made the long-term layout to optimize the electric, intelligent and interconnected SUV product line headed by Glory E3 and Glory 580 Pro will promote the upgrading of Chinese auto brands. In this exhibition, DFSK not only showed the current products, but presented the future strategic plan to go forward with great expectations.