DFSK Indonesia Carries on Brand Marketing Activity Acting on the Value “All for the Customers”
Brand Dynamic

  On July 18th, 2019 DFSK Glory SUV 580 I-Auto has successfully debuted at Indonesia International Auto Show GIIAS and starts to receive orders. In order to make 580 more competitive DFSK Indonesia redevelops and adapts it into the market to further match the market demand. This product has the smart voice control multi-function “I-talk, Drive smarter”.

  At the show the new product EV E3 also has debuted for future market entry.


  On July, 2019 DFSK Indonesia holds “DFSK Super Fans Festival” at eastern Jakarta. Acting on its core value “all for the customers” DFSK Indonesia officially starts “Glory Super Fans Activity” after the previous “Flight Service” and organizes the family party where DFSK fans can have test drive, car maintenance &service knowledge training, etc. On site there are full of happy laughs and cheerful voices, brimming with enthusiasm.