Intelligence Redefining Luxury— SERES auto overseas business conference 2024 held
Brand Dynamic


   On March 19th, the 2024 SERES auto Overseas Business Conference officially commenced. Representatives from over 300 dealerships spanning across 62 countries and regions worldwide attended the event. Zhang Xinghai, Chairman (Founder) of SERES Group, expressed on-site that SERES auto aims to become one of the top ten luxury brands globally. Under the theme 'Intelligence Redefining Luxury,'to integrate intelligence deeply into its products by defining cars through software, thereby creating a technological empowerment system across the entire value chain of smart products, smart security, and smart services, while inheriting traditional luxury. This endeavor aims to provide a brand-new luxury experience, fulfilling users' most fundamental luxury needs.


To execute its overseas expansion strategy, SERES auto will leverage its robust research and development capabilities and advanced manufacturing prowess to implement a series of pivotal initiatives. These include the gradual introduction of the all-new luxurious intelligent SUV models under the SERES series, tailored for global markets. This move aims to redefine the benchmarks of luxury intelligent automobiles across various domains, including intelligent technology, spatial design, safety features, driving controls, and opulent configurations. Backed by its forefront expertise in three-electric technology, extended-range technology, electronic-electrical architecture, and super electric drive intelligent technology platforms, along with its establishment of several world-leading smart factories, SERES auto is poised to empower its products with industry-leading levels of intelligence in production and delivery.


In addition, to enhance global customer service, SERES auto will further deepen its collaboration with international business partners. Tailoring its approach to its business model and the unique market dynamics of each region, the company will pursue diverse and flexible cooperation strategies aimed at mutual benefit and empowerment. These strategies may include, but are not limited to, establishing local sales subsidiaries and developing overseas manufacturing facilities.

3-19-3.jpg           Moreover, SERES auto is committed to crafting an exceptional service ecosystem, offering a premium experience of intelligent services to its global clientele. In response to the disruption and transformation in the global luxury car market, SERES auto will collaborate with its partners to establish a fully integrated talent team that meets the demands of the intelligent luxury market, thereby achieving sustainable development.

3-19-4.jpg         Data indicates that SERES auto has exported vehicles to over 70 countries and regions across Europe, Americas, Africa, Middle East, and Southeast Asia, with total vehicle exports exceeding 500,000 units. Looking ahead, SERES auto will continue to strengthen its development resilience and internal drive, collaborating closely with global dealership partners. With steadfast determination and full commitment, the company aims to propel China's new energy automobile industry onto the global stage.