SERES Expands Overseas Footprint: DFSK E5 Undergoes Adaption Testing in Turkey
Brand Dynamic

    Turkey is a crucial market of the DFSK under brand SERES' overseas expansion. Starting from May 31, the DFSK E5 began a comprehensive nine-day adaptability test in Turkey to fully evaluate its performance under various local road conditions.

    The adaptability test is planned to cover areas such as the Black Sea region and Central Anatolia. Two DFSK E5 vehicles will traverse over 5,000 kilometers of diverse road conditions, including highways and mountain roads, to thoroughly assess the vehicle's driving performance in Turkey. A testing team comprising five local dealer representatives and eight technical personnel will ensure the completion of this task.pr001.png

Adhering to the "everything for the user" concept, the tests will focus on evaluating driving stability, energy consumption, durability, and compatibility with local charging stations across different road conditions. Any issues identified during the tests will be promptly addressed and optimized to improve overall vehicle quality before the product officially enters the market, thereby enhancing consumer satisfaction and trust. The event has attracted widespread attention from local media and consumers, with media reporting on the testing process through local websites and social media.

In preparation for market promotion and launch, the testing team will also complete the regulatory standards, type approval processes, entry procedures, and import regulations for new energy vehicles, ensuring that export operations comply with Turkish and international standards.


         The DFSK E5 is a new energy vehicle that combines environmental friendliness, economic efficiency, and practicality. It employs advanced power technology and design concepts, aiming to provide users with more convenient and efficient travel solutions. Through this comprehensive adaptability test, DFSK E5 is set to offer Turkish users an enhanced driving experience and travel options.

   As more new DFSK vehicle models enter the Turkish market and the product system continues to improve, DFSK is poised to become a significant automotive brand in Turkey and a key force in SERES' deepening overseas business expansion.