DFSK's new products have launched in multiple countries overseas, further deepening its transformation in exporting new energy vehicles
Brand Dynamic

On June 26th and 27th local time, DFSK brand series new products were successfully launched and listed in Kathmandu, Nepal, and Istanbul, Turkey. Xingyan Zhang, President of SERES Overseas BU, and Vice President Joe Chow attended the events with Turkish and Nepalese dealers, as well as prominent figures from the local automotive industry and mainstream media. Together, they witnessed a significant milestone for the DFSK brand.

At the launch event in Turkey, DFSK introduced its latest plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) - the DFSK E5. Equipped with a highly efficient electric motor and internal combustion engine combination, the E5 delivers powerful performance while achieving very low energy consumption, significantly enhancing driving safety and comfort. In Nepal, the SERES 3 and SOKON EC75 were launched, catering to local consumer demands with superior performance.

The introduction of these new products in these two important markets not only showcases DFSK's innovative technology and environmental commitment to the global market but also marks a crucial milestone in its strategy for overseas transformation in new energy vehicles.


President Xingyan Zhang stated in his address at the Turkey launch event that the Turkish market remains a strategically important market for the DFSK brand. He emphasized DFSK's commitment to innovation, green practices, and sustainable development. He expressed intentions to maintain excellent cooperation with local governments and stakeholders, striving for a better policy environment. DFSK aims to deepen its presence in the Turkish market, increasing investment and support to foster a full-value chain community and jointly promote the development of new energy vehicles.


At the launch event of SERES 3 and SOKON EC75 in Nepal, Vice President Joe Chou elaborated on DFSK's development philosophy and future plans, emphasizing the significant role of the Nepalese market in the brand's sustainable development journey. He affirmed that both models enter overseas markets with highly competitive pricing strategies, offering consumers excellent value for money. DFSK will continue to introduce vehicles with different configurations to meet diverse consumer demands.


With years of dedicated efforts in overseas markets, DFSK brand has exported vehicles to over 70 countries and regions including Europe, South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia, with cumulative exports exceeding 500,000 vehicles. The recent launches of DFSK products in Nepal and Turkey inject new vitality into the DFSK product lineup, offering new choices in the international automotive market. This demonstrates DFSK's strong confidence in its products and its firm commitment to providing high-quality mobility solutions to global consumers.

Looking ahead, DFSK will continue to deepen its overseas business transformation, driven by innovation, long-termism, and commercial success. Starting with the Belt and Road Initiative, DFSK will collaborate with global partners to explore new markets and accelerate the high-end, intelligent, and green development of new energy vehicles. In the future, DFSK aims to become a trusted and beloved travel companion for consumers worldwide, leading the development trends in the international automotive industry with its outstanding product quality and performance.